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Making pigments interact in various mediums has been my obsession for many years and these characteristics seem most apparent in fluid water media and acrylics. Recently I have extended my repertoire of fluid art working with hot wax and epoxy resin.

My work is a process involving pouring acrylics mixed with ink that when manipulated with a palette knife creates micro compositions of bubbly and lacy patterns. I capture macro photographs of these compositions, enlarge and print onto canvas or stretched heavy silk and then hand finish to bring them to life. The works convey something different to every viewer but most see some sort of organic evolution. They often see space or sea or nature, but always something that is moving.

I have taken part in a great many group exhibitions and a solo exhibition at Store Street Gallery, London, and last October. I also act as a judge in national competitions. My work is widely published and sold worldwide as signed limited and open edition prints.

Inspiration comes from deep space photography; microscopic images of the natural world and from the paint itself whose naturally forming patterns inspire compositions as they evolve into unique paint effects.

Amongst my favorite artists are Paul Jenkins and Helen Frankenthaler for their inventiveness with acrylic mediums that were new to the world in their time.

I learnt how to make my art from a lifetime of experimentation with pigments and had no formal training. This has made me a kind of alchemist and while I can’t make water into wine or metal into gold I can at least try to make chemistry into art.


Lava Flow


Fluid Vibrations










Organic Flow




Tapestry of Life


Bubbling Up



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