Paul Butler

I am a photographer/film maker based in Leitrim, Ireland. My passion is photographing and documenting the beauty of the ordinary. I love to bring attention to that which is missed and ignored.  I have just completed a research Masters visualizing the work of the Irish writer, John McGahern.

“Off Season” is part of an ongoing photographic project, documenting the winter months at Strandhill,County Sligo. This wild and spectacular location is situated in the north west of Ireland, it is a favored spot with walkers and the local/international surfing community. The violent seas of the North Atlantic cause a lot of damage to the beach and dunes, depositing stones and debris of various shapes and sizes. The ever changing weather patterns and tides create a new vista with differing shapes and patterns emerging on the beach and within the dunes.







The Dark Calm


Off Season


The Haven


Tide Out


The Sea Gift


The Sea Gift


The Sea Gift


The Gift From Above


The Stone Heart


All images © Paul Butler



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