Craig Scoffone

Craig is a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has had is fine art imagery exhibited and published, both domestically and internationally.  The areas that encompass his fine art works, include landscapes, urban abstracts, and figurative studies.  What is most unique, about Craig’s work, are the variety of styles and techniques, he enjoys employing.  From soft and ethereal, to bold, abstract, almost, ‘ pop art ‘ looks, to his compositions, is the vast range of his work in total.

In addition to his fine art pursuits, Craig is an accomplished portrait and commercial photographer, in ‘ Silicon Valley ‘.  But it is the creation of his personal, fine art works, that brings the most satisfaction to this very diverse photographic artist.

Abstracts – Looking Down Series

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Coyote Valley 2


Alviso 3


Hwy 130


Palassou Ridge


Pigeon Poop




Sidewalk, E. San Jose




Sea Foam


Back Porch Floor


All images © Craig Scoffone




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