Tadashi Onishi

Born in 1973 Tokyo, Japan. Photographing the cityscape and street life combined with social nature to find common ground between the street and documentary photography in Tokyo.

A member of “VoidTokyo”. Stoneage crew.

Lost in Shinjuku

Shinjuku, a city where more than 3.4 million people pass by everyday. The number of passengers getting on board as 1.3 billion a year is the best in the world. I am one of them. To me, Shinjuku is a place to switch between personal and work feeling every morning and every night. I shoot this city every day as part of my life. This project focuses on the emptiness that Tokyo’s life brings, or what is born when the fluctuation of my feelings mixes with the smell of the city life. And this was shot as a human record living in present Tokyo.














All images © Tadashi Onishi




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