Petra Pawlofsky

Time for Stones

Have you ever strolled along a sea shore and discovered a  stone that fascinated you at first sight? You picked it up and held it in your hand stroking it to make it dry, clean and shining? And you looked at it from all its different sides?

This enchants and inspires me very much.

In 2019  I spent 4 weeks in a house on a lonely  beach full many stones.  Every morning I collected some of those that had just arrived from the sea . Normally we think of stones as something strong, solid, unchangeable  and hard. We don’t think of their history, their development, bruises and changes. But these stones had such a soft, subtle energy . The chalk rocks around  had probably  given them their filigree patterns. They had come from sea, from rocks, plants and fallen trees. Many patterns on them reminded me of flowers and branches . And sometimes I wondered if they had been or carried away animals long times ago. I was fascinated . They were so different from what we normally associated with stones.

In the evenings I brought many of them back again. In the meantime I had  taken photos of some and begun to transform  these digitally. The stones  seemed to be so full of life and energy  that I wanted to make images from them. As I used slate as a pencil and painted sometimes, too,  I worked with photos  and paintings  as layers to create images . Finally  my  booklet “Stone Times “came out of it. (see my project Time for Stones)

Artist Statement

Since my childhood images have appeared to my mind . I have seen and felt them in important moments, in my sleep, waking up and in daydreams. Often “to get an idea of something” has been for me to get an image of it by painting.

So Images and painting have been a red thread and a fascination throughout my life. As a youngster I dreamt of studying the arts, but life led me another way, and I remained a self-taught artist. In the meantime ,however, I have been able to dedicate myself to painting exclusively for many years and since 2005 I have shown my paintings in several personal exhibitions.

There was a long time for water colors and more figurative paintings, some time with oil and mixed media. Now I mostly use acrylics on canvas or paper and my paintings have become quite abstract.

Digital images and videos have conquered a place in my art for more than 10 years now, too. The borders of painting and photos vanish, as I combine both on different levels in one image. As I take photos during my painting process , I can use works in progress or details from them as sources for my digital works and videos, too.

It’s music that has inspired me above all, but nature and life acquire more and more importance. To find and paint parallels and correspondences of color, form, sound, nature and life fascinates me very much. I’m often surprised and enchanted to discover similar structures, patterns and compositions everywhere.

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Steinblumen 1aDruck A4 fertig 2019
Stony Flowers

Die Nummer Eins ials Mandala2021

My stone image D012 S NMMAG 2019
My Stone Image

Him and Her 3 2019 NMAG S
Him & Her

Stonefaces 3 S 2021

Steinbild D6b fertig 2021
Stony Birds

Steinzeiten D1 c 2021

Stonescape 1 S NMAG 2019
Stonescape 1

Stonescape 2 S NMAG
Stonescape 2

Stonescape 7 2021 NMMAG 2021
Stonescape 7

All images © Petra Pawlofsky


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7 thoughts on “Petra Pawlofsky

  1. Google Translation: OOOhhhhh, congratulations! But they are really especially beautiful!

  2. Dear Joelcy, Kay, At Sunnyside and Myriade, I’m very glad to read all this ! Thank you very much for this great feedback! Best regards, Petra

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