Sophie Queuniez

“I paint since my youth. I learned drawing at the municipal school of Fine Arts from Bélisaire Fauconnier. I also frequented several years the painting workshop of Hugo Laruelle, an artist painter in Maubeuge in France.

“Through my painting, for several years, I have flourished through the abstract and the media-mix in particular, where I feel free and spontaneous.  The abstract allows me to express myself with great authenticity, to fully access my imagination working on the harmony between shapes, textures, composition and colors; particularly like blues and reds, soothing or luminous colors.

I mainly work in acrylics, although I also like oil and watercolor. My main source of inspiration is nature, the beauty of the moment, the intensity of feelings. My painting intensely transcribes my feelings and my sensations of reality illustrating my interiorization of life, the poetry and the emotional force of my inner world.”

Sophie is a professional artist listed AKOUN, referenced ARTMAJEUR, ARTQUID, SAATCHI ART and Member of the Associative Gallery EXCENTRIC.  Her works are present in private collections in France and in throughout Europe and are regularly sold at auction.

Sophie sold more than 100 works. Forty of them were exhibited at the Excentric Gallery in Maubeuge, France, and about twenty are on permanent display in Valenciennes.



Acrylic Painting


Blue Sun
Acrylic Painting


Blue Impression
Acrylic Painting


Lagoon Bubbles
Watercolor Painting


Mixed Media Painting


At The Crossroads
Watercolor Painting


Mixed Media Painting


Mixed Media Painting


A Kind of Magic
Acrylic Painting


Gold Tracery
Mixed Media Painting


All images © Sophie Queuniez



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