Albert Enz

Albert Enz was born in 1943 in Switzerland, Canton St. Gallen, on Lake Constance. He studied chemistry and biochemistry. During his scientific activity as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry in Basel, Albert Enz always pursued his path as a painter (self-taught). Several exhibitions in Switzerland and France in the sixties and seventies inspired him to resume painting after his retirement in 2007.

The pictures painted in recent years were created in the acrylic or oil technique. Many of the paintings are impressions of his travels in southern France and Tuscany. The conversion of these landscapes into partially abstract color impressions is his main goal. For Albert, the means of abstract expression are form, color and their composition. Color, color observation and color sense are the basis for the creative nature of man. Abstract compositions, which make up a large part of his work, contain the memory of very specific feelings, which he paints afterwards.

Artists statement

Albert deals with memories and anchors them in new pictorial realities. The more time passes, the more memories change, the less their objective reliability. Deceptions arise which he perceives as real at the moment of the creation of the picture. For Albert, painting means to follow a conception or an idea, which can be represented as pictures with the help of colors and forms. The origin of an idea can go back a long time and crystallize in impressive moments. This leads to visions that are made visible to the viewer. The painter tries to make moods, situations experienceable for the viewer.

Everything is inspiration and finds its way into his works. Albert tries to make characteristic situations, moods visible and experienceable for the viewer. A creative process requires an, albeit temporary, dissolution of existing thought and form solutions in order to fill a new form with its own content and not merely to resort to the reproduction of already existing forms of design. To be artistically active is a strong motivation for him, because it allows him the self-determination, which ultimately means freedom.

Albert Enz (68640 Riespach, France) is exhibiting since 2008…

2018 Exposition International Artistique/Internationale Kunstausstellung „Les Galets“ Chalampé France, Exposition collective

2019 L’Art au coeur de l’Europe Illzach, Ht.Rhin, France Gruppenausstellung

2019 “Immagini&Sogni” Galleria ARTtime Udine (Italy) mostra collettiva internazionale

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Hommage To Artists


Blauer Reiter: Hommage a Kandinsky, 2016,
80x100cm Acryl


Hommage a Chaim Soutine, 2011,
65x50cm Oil


Hommage à Baselitz, 2018,
80x60cm Acryl


Inspirée by Chagall: Hommage a Chagall, 2019,
65x100cm Acryl


Villa de rêve: Hommage a Kubin, 2014,
40x50cm Acryl


Envirement, Clima & Nature


Au bord de la falaise, 2017,100x80cm Acryl


Division de la terre: romantique ou illusionnistes?, 2018,
100x80cm Acryl


Division de la terre: rationnelle ou géométrique?, 2018,
100x80cm Acryl


Fenêtre vers la mer, 2019, 50x70cm Acryl


Paysage Abstrait, 2020, 80x100cm Acryl,


All images ©Albert Enz


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