IN THE MIND OF AN ARTIST“I would like to sit by a stream, maybe die and come back as a fern tree,…”


The Interview – Part 4 

Answered By  A.W. Mundt-Davis

 I use metaphors like ‘  The Watchful Satan’ and  ‘  Scrolling Down Godswhen expressing my views on artificial intelligence and social media.  Which metaphors would you use regarding the internet intrusion in human life? And what is your philosophical view on how most technology improvement seems to rather kick off chunks of people out of the board or invade their way of life changing it forever?

I was a tech for a university for a while. Well, my experience with that field, I do say, troubles me: to be more clear, when the field, or some of its components, are set on helping the value and quality of the machine and forget how to interact with people, and value the machine over the people they come into contact with regularly, I have to play Pink Floyd, regularly, to balance my emotions, Radiohead, too. That journey of missing out on my education has encouraged me to study ludites, and try to save money for an unplug tattoo. Again, others smarter than me have already reported on this, by design, by design, it’s designed to keep you connected at all times, the profile, is a representation of AI, and the business, and the platform, want you there, sitting, not moving, mindfully scanning away its research, its development, all the while, self-serving, making life an obstacle to our wants harkons a philosophical mind smarter than me, in Kierkegard, teleologically, that professors tell me struggled philosophically with the concept of heaven, when people just wanted to bypass all the problems and just get to it without living, except there’s heaven in a convenient device that can fit in your pocket, while culture and other things of intrinsic value, just goes to the wayside. I compare the effect of typing into a search engine with scrying through a crystal ball.

If given a choice of rather going back in history or forward into the future; which time, place or event would you aim to witness, participate or die in? And why? Or if you choose instead to visit tomorrow, what would daily life look like? And who do you imagine yourself being?

Oh, gosh, oh gosh. I’d like to go back to prehistory. I’m aiming at reliving cave painting and celebrating female huntresses apart of hunting packs, instead of the female compartments the patriarchy, developed later on, or would want with which into force them (same compartments I speak out against), and to celebrate in that female strength. I’d like to see pass the pandemic tomorrow, people putting down clubs, warheads, guns, protecting each other, I would be much greyer then, I would like to sit by a stream, maybe die and come back as a fern tree, maybe animals would sleep next to me, birds could make nests in me, what birds are left. Maybe the air is cleaner to breathe. Perhaps, there’s a group out in front of me, testing the stream, working to protect it, and the ecosystem I’m a part of, maybe there’s camp outs where others learn about survival, and use some limbs I’ve dropped to create survival huts for the night, or there own artificial light well into the night by which they perform sketches and songs; maybe someone would sit ‘neath me and write a poem.

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About ‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ 

‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ aims to uncover the artistic mind, the perspective of individuals living under the influence of art.   By and large we live collective lives, but artists see life a bit; well sometimes very different than others.  As some seem to float from one artwork to another; others are deeply encrusted in their work making it difficult to catch that ride offered by the world around them, creating realities in which one person (the artist) must navigate in order to survive in society.  If you are an artist and this speaks to you, please contact me if you like to share your story.

This series of articles, written by artists is about the artist’s way of processing and reacting to events in their lives.  These can be tangible communal events or struggles of philosophical and psychological nature.

Through these articles artists will share their intimate views. Talking about how their perspectives changed as they trapped themselves in the cobwebs of art.

By design ‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ will not contain any images of artwork, biography, profile, lists of exhibitions, books or the artist’s creative process.

The goal here is to give the artist a chance to pause from the creation of art for a moment and explore the self.

Interviews will also be included in this series.

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Written By Joelcy Kay – Curator

Every piece of art, crafts, or textiles, hanging on my walls or ceiling tells a tiny passage of my life.  Most of it was acquired during my travels.  Many of these treasures are damaged whether because they were broken on arrival, as the pieces were tightly stuffed into my backpack, or weathered by the unforgiving Florida tropical humidity.  But in the end, they are my precious processions and they are part of the stories I tell.  It feels good to have rugs hanging from the ceiling, masks on the walls, and drinking my morning coffee thinking of the mugs’ tale.  The point here is that art has a lot to offer each one of us; ART IS VERY PERSONAL!

The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY offers that personal experience as the individual has the opportunity to buy the art from the creator and by doing so a new event to remember is born. When you hang the work of art on your wall there is a story behind it; an artist you now know and follow.  And instead of the usual “I purchased this at “WWW(BIG BIG ART STORE).COM”  the connection enriches the emotional value of your art piece.


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